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Old Farts & Old Tarts Tours
Flyfish TaupoOld Farts & Old Tarts Tours
Flyfish TaupoOld Farts & Old Tarts Tours
Flyfish TaupoOld Farts & Old Tarts Tours
Flyfish TaupoOld Farts & Old Tarts Tours
Flyfish TaupoOld Farts & Old Tarts Tours
Flyfish Taupo
Firstly, let’s explain what the terminology of what an ‘Old Fart’ or ‘Old Tart’ means... The term must be viewed as an expression of endearment rather than anything insulting. In New Zealand an ‘Old Fart or Tart’ is an affectionate term for those who are in their senior years. It also means - a great person who still lives life to the full and isn’t ready to have the coffin lid nailed shut just yet!
It all started by a chance meeting with a gentleman in his senior years, fishing one of Taupo’s local rivers. A conversation began and he mentioned that he had always wanted to fish a remote river, but the cost and the lack of a fishing buddy had prevented him from following his dream. He mentioned that if he could find “an old fart”, he would like to give it a go! The first ‘Old Farts Tour’ was born!

“Brent carries a satellite phone and an emergency locator beacon and he is very safety conscious. Help is literally minutes away, despite the remoteness. Essential when you consider the age and the affluence of many of his clients”.

David Treseder. Wellington, New Zealand (Junior Old Fart) January 2008.
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After some thought, we decided it is not only men who wish to discover fly fishing in the wilderness. Women feel exactly the same way, hence the addition of the “Old Tarts Tour”.  I have guided a number of ladies on camping trips and provide some additional amenities to make camping more comfortable and enjoyable.

Flyfishtaupo.com will endeavour to match you up with a suitable fishing companion and arrange your wilderness adventure or, if you have a friend who has a similar outgoing nature – they can join us.  We carefully select the river to suit your fitness and fishing ability and we can promise you one thing - it’s a great two or three days!

Here’s what to do
Contact us here at flyfishtaupo.com and drop me a detailed email using our online enquiry form with your personal details. This gives us the opportunity to align you with someone best suited to you.

Everything is planned with great care and detail and you are advised with regular updates leading up to the trip.  An important aspect is that we keep a careful eye on the weather and if we see that things are looking bad we have the opportunity to delay or postpone at no additional cost. The price quoted is always inclusive with no hidden costs so you know before you commit to the trip.

Your safety is paramount to us therefore we do carry a satellite phone and other safety equipment for emergency purposes. 

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