Winter Fly Fishing

May through to October the main spawning runs occur in the local Taupo rivers. Expect exceptional nymph fishing for large numbers of fish as the winter spawning runs can be very different to the summer fishing.  Good numbers of fish are caught during these winter months and you can expect when conditions are right to have a tired arm at the end of the day from playing plenty of fighting silver bullets.

Expect having company of other anglers along the river banks however the trout are tolerate of the angling pressure. There is no dry fly, but our knowledge of the rivers will put you on to fish.

During the winter the best runs occur after some rain when the rivers start to recede after a 'fresh'. If your timing is right you can have some tremendous fishing as the fish migrate up the river they rest up in pools or 'lies'. These 'lies' change from year to year especially if we have had flooding however we pride themselves on our knowledge of the rivers and do a reconnaissance after such events.

A good technique is essential during the winter months as we require heavier tackle but it can be fantastic fishing when you get the drift right. Different weighted and sized nymphs are used to fish as the depths and water flows can alter almost daily but you will be instructed on the best option dependent on conditions. Natural nymphs are used, some weighted and others not but typically nymphs such as Copper John’s, Prince Nymphs,  Hare and Copper, Pheasant tail, Bead head patterns and the famous Glow bugs all work on different days.  When fishing with a guide all flies will be supplied, which ensures you have the correct pattern for the prevailing conditions but if you have one that you have tied and want to try it out, bring it along.

Note: You might not get them back however if you catch a lot of fish, I’m always looking for a new fly to try.

For more information on winter trout fishing in the Taupo region please click here to contact us.

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